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The links on this page are dedicated to high value sites that I think you will be really interested in.

Louise Hay Courses and Workshops
A Place For the Heart - Based on the works of Louise Hay and others,this site is for those looking to change their lives. A large amount of genuine information and advise from an experienced Louise Hay Teacher. There are also online affirmations, visualizations and meditations and much more to get you started. A highly recommended site!

The Cosmic Ordering Site
Cosmic Ordering site explores the cosmic connection that can make your dreams come true, using the power of the cosmos to bring you whatever you want. The Cosmic Ordering Service is free.

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We Exchange Links with other sites where we feel that we can mutually support each other.

Angel Messages
Does your Angel have a message for you?

How To Heal Naturally
A book and CD for those looking for emotional or physical healing. Presenting a practical guide on how to undermine the emotional and psychological causes that often underly physical illness and other life issues.

Natural Facelift Method
Simple site with natural facelift techniques to try.

Money, Debt and the Mortgage
A great site with clear advice on how to avoid debt, get a mortgage that works for you and provides general guidance on how to achieve financial freedom.

Life Healer Teacher Training
The central site for Life Healer training and to find a Life Healing Teacher near you. If you are looking for a way to heal your life and make tommorrow a better day. We recommend this site.

SublimeSelf is where we come together to learn about the power within each of us to heal ourselves. With simple and proven tips on how to improve your health, energy, motivation, happiness and wealth whilst alleviating pain, dis-ease and stress.

Leadership Training from mindtools.com
Learn 48 essential leadership skills at mindtools.com.

Guided Meditation Stress Reduction
Caters to life solvent solutions to achieve a peaceful soul and healthy living