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Affirmation Music - Chants to Heal Your Life

Affirmation Chants are a powerful form of music created by the combination of primative rhythms, repetitive sub-tunes and words, reciting tones and powerful positive affirmations that can change your life.

The power of music to play straight to our emotional state and influence us has been understood right back to ancient times. It has the power to steady the hearts of men at war or to reach out and caress the hearts of lovers. It also has the power to change lives.

There are several forms of spiritual music that can modify your emotional state, make you feel good or help you relax. There are, however, surprisingly few that combine the most powerful aspects of music with one of the most successful life changing techniques - positive affirmations. The result is known as "Affirmation Chants". Combining rhythmic and repetitive music with powerful affirmation messages, it creates a highly effective, almost hypnotic, form of music that can act as a powerful catalyst for change.

A key characteristic of such chants is that the melodies are unforgettable. You simply can't get them out of your head - in fact Kylie Minogue's song, called by strange coincidence "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", though not an affirmation chant, is a great example of this style. Spiritual or life changing songs of a similar nature are surprisingly hard to come by. "Doors" from the "Heal Your Life" album is a notable example.

The power of such chants is that they play straight to our emotions, providing a receptive environment to start overcoming deep-seated fears and to start impressing on the subconscious new positive messages. And the great thing is, even when the music stops, the tune keeps going round and round in your head, reinforcing the positive messages on a continual basis. And this is why Affirmation Chants are different from many other forms of spiritual music. It is music with a message and its purpose is to implant that message into your subconscious.

As a catalyst for change, such music is very powerful indeed. Anyone who is looking for effective ways of making life changes, would definitely benefit from incorporating this kind of powerful music into their process of change.

So if you want your future to be different from your past, if you are ready to start living life to the beat of a different drum, then use affirmation chants to help focus your strength and intentions. Let the music be a catalyst for change in your life.

To learn about positive affirmations or to listen to samples of affirmation chants from the �Heal Your Life� album please visit us at �The Positive Mindset Website�.

G Symond is a author and writer on the benefits of positive affirmations & positive thinking for improving health, happiness and love.

Author: G Symond
Published: 2nd July