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Are Your Negative Thoughts Sabotaging You? 5 Tips to Turn it All Around

Are you fed up with how things keep turning out in your life? Have you ever thought that you might be sabotaging your own efforts to make things better? Here are 5 turn-around tips to help make positive life changes.

Scientific and medical research has demonstrated repeatedly that a positive mental outlook is key to successful outcomes. The trouble is we all tend to think negatively; in-fact we are practically hard wired to explore the downside of things as a natural protective measure.

It is easy for this natural instinct to become overpowering and it is important to maintain a healthy positive outlook to counter-balance it. Otherwise, fear and anxiety can start to escalate and have a disproportionate influence on our emotions and may cause the subconscious to sabotage any attempts you make to move forward with your life. People who experience this often describe themselves as feeling 'stuck'.

Here are five techniques to help squash that negative thinking and nourish positive thoughts and self-image.

Become More Self-Aware - Try to be actively aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing. Challenge underlying beliefs and attitudes if you find that you are not being positive or self-nurturing. Maintaining self-awareness can be quite hard to do initially, but the more you practice it, the easier and more effective it becomes.

Turn it Around - If you find yourself being negative, check yourself. Replace the thought, words or deed with something positive. Find the positive in everything you can. You will notice a difference. Your new positive outlook will generate positive reactions from those around you.

Rejoice in the Good Things - Do not focus on what you do not have, focus instead on the wonderful things you have around you right now. By focussing on the good things, you will benefit from a key universal truth, "What you focus on grows." Try this each evening before going to bed: write out 5 good things about yourself or about what happened that day. It does not have to be big... maybe it was the kindness of someone making you a cup of coffee or maybe the fact that you are a talented musician... it can be anything.

Take Some Time - Take a little time out each week, 30 minutes will do. Put up the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign and just spend that time thinking about your week, about your feelings and reactions. Use this time to get back in touch with your inner-self. Knowing what you really want is one of the most important steps to achieving it. Using this time well will help sort out your feelings, desires and priorities.

Use Positive Affirmations - Choose an issue that is a priority for you and use positive affirmations to help keep you positive and on track.

If you use these techniques consistently for 30 days, you will experience profound positive changes. Anyone will benefit from these techniques. So why wait? Go for it!

Author: G Symond
Published: 12th December 2006