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Mobile Phones Help Lose Weight

Research has shown that dieting can be counter productive by switching the body into starvation mode and other methods often involve invasive surgery or taking some form of drugs. This new approach uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques combined with mobile phone technology to try to break-down the underlying patterns that lead to being over weight.
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Mobile Phones Exploit Healing Powers

It is no secret that in any field of human endeavor, a positive attitude often defines the difference between success and failure. This is particularly evident in the field of medicine, where the mind-body link has increasingly been demonstrated to be influential in the cause and outcomes of illness. Research continues to reinforce the evidence that a positive outlook improves the body's healing power.
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Cell Phone Love Life Booster

A positive attitude and a clear goal often defines the difference between success and failure. And this is particularly true when it comes to our love lives. Low self-esteem or lack of confidence can often stand in the way of romantic success, sabotaging our relationships and further poisoning our self confidence. This negative cycle can be broken by standing back and taking an entirely new approach to your romantic life.
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Underlining Metaphysical Links to Illness

Science and medical knowledge is slowly catching up with what self-healing gurus like Louise Hay have been saying for years. Our minds and our bodies are closely connected. Now a new campaign has been launched to raise awareness about the metaphysical links that may be underlying many illnesses and injuries by publishing a list of common conditions and their possible underlying metaphysical causes online.
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Positive Affirmations Put Life Change On The Cards

The one concept that is common to virtually all self-help and success strategies is that of 'positive thinking'. Whether it is healing or simply wanting to improve life quality, both medical and scientific research demonstrate that a positive attitude is one of the key factors to achieving success.
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Prosperity And Success On The Line

The fact that research shows a close link between personal success and a positive mental attitude, will come as no surprise to most people. But how many people apply this proven principle to their own lives? This principle is particularly evident in the area of personal prosperity and is borne out by the fact that many of the most successful and wealthy businessmen today exhibit a powerful sense of self worth and optimism.
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