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Mobile Phones Exploit Healing Powers

It is no secret that in any field of human endeavor, a positive attitude often defines the difference between success and failure. This is particularly evident in the field of medicine, where the mind-body link has increasingly been demonstrated to be influential in the cause and outcomes of illness. Research continues to reinforce the evidence that a positive outlook improves the body's healing power.

On the back of this research, a new worldwide service has been launched that exploits this phenomenon. Using mobile phone technology in combination with other positive thinking techniques the service is designed to reinforce and encourage the development of a positive attitude.

"We needed to find a way to reach out to our customers, keep them motivated and trigger emotional responses that would allow them to recognize and break down any emotional blocks to achieving and maintaining a positive outlook. Mobile phone technology is a perfect medium for us to achieve this" said a spokesperson for Vitalaffirmations.com, the 'positive mindset' website.

"Staying positive is one of the keys to any success. Especially in the field of health where the chances of success improve massively with a positive attitude. We simply try to help keep people on track , because in high pressure circumstances it can be difficult to maintain balance and stay positive".

The service works by sending positive messages, directed questions and personal challenges, direct to your mobile. Part of the secret is that because the messages are sent regularly at random times, the mind stays focussed, subconsciously the mind is in a state of expectation or surprise, but more importantly it is remaining aware and focussed on the positive messages. For more information on positive thinking, please visit http://www.vitalaffirmations.com.

Vitalaffirmations.com, the 'positive mindset' website, helps people achieve and maintain a 'winning attitude' for success in all aspects of life, from performance enhancement to improving health, wealth and happiness. Established in 2005, Vitalaffirmations.com provides free resources and information on positive thinking techniques as well as offering additional support services.

Author: G Symond
Released: 11th September 2006