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Mobile Phones Help Lose Weight

Research has shown that dieting can be counter productive by switching the body into starvation mode and other methods often involve invasive surgery or taking some form of drugs. This new approach uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques combined with mobile phone technology to try to break-down the underlying patterns that lead to being over weight.

The premise behind the technique is that the reason most people's dieting fails is because they have underlying emotional issues that sabotage their efforts. These issues often have their roots in childhood and can have a large influence on adult life. Being over-weight is just one of many possible ways that such issues manifest themselves. The theory is that by addressing the underlying causes of obesity the need to take drastic dieting steps becomes unnecessary, the body will naturally adapt to the new positive body image that the individual has selected.

"It is really important that no matter what form of weight loss strategy people try, they are emotionally ready. If they are not they are likely to sabotage their efforts or find themselves thinner but unhappy" said a spokesperson for VitalAffirmations.com - the positive mindset website. "Getting the mindset right is what it is all about, if you can clear away the emotional blocks and develop a positive image of yourself and your body, every fibre of your being will be working subconsciously towards that goal. Suddenly weight loss becomes easy and natural".

The details of this weight loss technique are freely available at http://www.vitalaffirmations.com/weight-loss.htm The techniques outlined are supported by a mobile phone service that works by sending positive messages, directed questions and personal challenges, direct to your mobile. The secret of success for this service is that it keeps people focused on their changes and regularly reminded of their goal. And because they are sent out at random times, there is a level of anticipation and expectation that helps to drive the whole process. The messages themselves are designed to be positive and uplifting, but also trigger emotional responses to help speed up the process of identifying underlying issues.

Vitalaffirmations.com, the 'positive mindset' website, helps people achieve and maintain a 'winning attitude' for success in all aspects of life, from performance enhancement to improving health, wealth and happiness. Established in 2005, Vitalaffirmations.com provides free resources and information on positive thinking techniques as well as offering additional support services.

Author: G Symond
Released: 26th September 2006