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Underlining Metaphysical Links to Illness

Science and medical knowledge is slowly catching up with what self-healing gurus like Louise Hay have been saying for years. Our minds and our bodies are closely connected. Now a new campaign has been launched to raise awareness about the metaphysical links that may be underlying many illnesses and injuries by publishing a list of common conditions and their possible underlying metaphysical causes online.

The mind-body link is now so accepted that there is a whole new medical field emerging known as "Mind-body medicine" which focuses on the interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behavior, and the ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect health.

"We have launched this campaign because it is vital that people begin to realize that how and what a person thinks and believes can have a direct impact not only on healing outcomes, but can also create the conditions for people to become very vulnerable to disease and illness" said a spokesperson for VitalAffirmations.com, The Positive Mindset Website.

"By raising the awareness of underlying metaphysical issues we hope to enhance peoples respect for their own mental and physical health as well as their ability to use the information to become more self-aware and alert for potential problems before they become more serious or life threatening".

For further details or to view a list of illnesses and potential underlying metaphysical causes visit http://www.vitalaffirmations.com.

VitalAffirmations.com, the 'positive mindset' website, helps people achieve and maintain a 'winning attitude' for success in all aspects of life. From performance enhancement to improving health, wealth and happiness.

Author: G Symond
Released: 20th November 2006