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Powerful Affirmations Direct to your mobile phone

Using Text Messaging is a new exciting way to enhance your experience with affirmations and super-charge the effectiveness of the changes you are making in your life. How many times have you attempted to make changes before but somehow life or events have distracted you from your path? Our new affirmations text service is specifically designed to help you through the process of change and keep you engaged with it!

No more struggling to make up your own affirmations!
 You'll receive between 1-3 powerful affirmations per week (depending on package). Each carefully constructed by a Lousie Hay Teacher.
Stay connected to your process of Change
  Our affirmation service helps maintain your inspirational connection, keeping you connected to your process and letting you know that you are not alone.
Maintaining your focus
  It is a fundamental law of the universe that what we focus on grows. This service keeps you focussed on the positive changes you have chosen to make in your life. And just as your focus starts to slip, one of our text messages will arrive, refocussing your attention back to your changes.
Explore your emotions
  The affirmations you will receive, cover a broad spectrum. By repeating them, you can explore your emotional responses to a wide range of subjects, helping you keep in tune with your emotional needs and issues.
Get inspired
  Your affirmations have been designed by a leading Louise Hay Teacher. They can be a great source of inspiration but also a great guide for developing your own affirmations!
Treat Yourself.
  By going for it, you are treating yourself to a little gift. The great thing about this gift to yourself is that it works and you deserve it!
Committing to change
  Our service is very low cost, but it does demand a small commitment by you. By committing to the service, you are also reinforcing your commitment to your process of change. If you are familiar with the works of Louise Hay and others, you will know the importance of making such small but reinforcing commitments.
It's Fun!
  There really is something fun about receiving your affirmation texts, you don't know what affirmation the universe will bring you or when exactly it will arrive!
Test it for Free!
 Why not get a free affirmation by text right now? You will receive your randomly selected affirmation direct to your mobile phone. Give it a try, just click this link!

Affirmations Power - breakthrough
Designed specifically for overpowering any blocks or internal resistance that might be slowing the effectiveness of your affirmations. Ideal for those new to affirmations. You will receive powerful affirmations, directed questions and personal challenges direct to your mobile. You will receive 2-3 messages per week for a period of 3 months  more details ... Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure!
Online price ... £9.99 (GBP)
Affirmation Power - Taster
We send powerful affirmations direct to your mobile. You will receive one every 2-3 days for 3 months. We let the 'universe' determine which affirmation to select and when exactly you will receive it. Our positive affirmations keep you engaged in your process of change as well as giving you a new positve message to work with!  more details ... Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure!
Online price ... £9.99 (GBP)
Health Affirmations (90 day)
It has been well estalished that illness is often a result of dis-ease in the mind. Affirmations have been proven to have a very powerful influence on health and healing. Let these carefully selected affirmations start to undermine any negative beliefs or patterns you may have. Choose health and happiness and leave the old negative beliefs behind, start to heal your life and your body  more details ... Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure!
Online price ... £9.99 (GBP)
Prosperity Affirmations (90 day)
Only your inner beliefs stand between you and the prosperity you deserve. This powerful set of positive affirmations have been designed to help you reprogramme your negative beliefs to new winning ones! Start breaking down the barriers to your success today with this 30 day taster. For less than the cost of a snack, you can start making your changes now!  more details ... Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure!
Online price ... £9.99 (GBP)
Love & Romance Affirmations (Perfect Partner 90 day)
Are you fed up with failed or unsatisfying relationships? or are you looking for your perfect partner. Our inner beliefs are often reflected externally in our relations with other. These powerful affirmations are designed to supercharge your inner beauty, reprogramming your internal beliefs. Start to feel more centered and self confident and experiece your attractiveness quotient going through the roof!  more details ... Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure!
Online price ... £9.99 (GBP)
Weight Loss Affirmations (90 day)
Fed up with diets that don't work? Get to the real cause and support yourself through your changes. These carefully selected affirmations are designed to enable you to release emotional issues that may be blocking your ability to be who you want to be. Feel more empowered and able to make the healthy choices you need to become your perfect weight. Start to feel great about yourself and feel your energy surge. Release the patterns of the past and become the new you!  more details ... Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure!
Online price ... £9.99 (GBP)

Try it For Free!

Our experience has shown that people often like to test out the idea first before committing to buying anything. So we offer a free test service! Simply enter your mobile phone number and email. Then simply click on the link and we will send you a free randomly selected Affirmation direct to your mobile phone.

I would like my free affirmation text please!