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Life Healing - Chants and Meditations

Experience first hand the process of change, love and forgiveness in this unique collection. Specifically designed to trigger emotional responses and help discover the underlying reasons why you might be sabotaging yourself. This process is only for those who are ready for change. This powerful, effective and life changing collection is regularly used in Louise Hay Workshops throughtout the world because it works!

Each of the emotional songs is followed by a guided meditation carefully designed to work with the emotional state created by the previous chant. If there is one audio collection you should have to help in your process of change, this is it. Provided in MP3 format for immediate download.

Order Now and this unique collection will be available for immediate download. Don't hesitate, start your journey to change your life today ...

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Click on the links below to listen to a brief sample of each affirmation chant, the quality of these samples does not accurately reflect the wonderful actual quality of the CD.

The first chant is "Doors" designed to facilitate and empower the listener in the process of change. This is followed by a Meditation specifically designed for releasing the past, realizing the present and discovering your ideal future.

The second chant "Choosing, Love, Joy and Freedom" is about affirming and understanding that you really can choose the way life is. This is followed by a meditation to assist you in connecting with your body and your own inner wisdom. (Particularly good if you are experiencing poor health or stress).

The final chant is "Forgiveness" designed to let the listener feel the release and joy that can be experienced in the process of forgiveness. This theme is supported by the meditation that follows. (Great for releasing old anger and forgiving, which can be tough without some guidance).

The audio runs for nearly 40 minutes. The collection contains the affirmation chants, each followed by a guided meditation.

"The chants are amazingly powerful and very beautiful and I recommend it wholeheartedly for both personal growth or workshop use"

Gillian Bowles
Louise Hay Teacher