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Heartfelt - Affirmations for Releasing the Past CD

One of the most important steps to changing your life is to release the past.

This CD contains a unique blend of powerful affirmations, challenging visualisations and mood setting songs to enable you to release the past. It is designed to retrain the subconscious and clear out old negative beliefs, feelings and thought patterns which could be sabotaging your future.

If you have been having trouble getting your affirmations to work or you just want to take them to a new level... then this CD is for you!

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Affirmations are widely accepted as a powerful tool for making changes. However, years of accumulated negative thoughts, beliefs and experiences can form a subconscious barrier to their effectiveness in your life.

This CD has been put together in a way that allows you to work on these barriers at a level and pace that suits you. You can play it the whole way through as a complete process or use a particular track to give you a boost. 

A unique feature of this CD is an "Affirmation Bath" which floods the mind with positive messages, allowing them to slip past sub-conscious blocks, become absorbed and leave you feeling great! This experience is only normally available in workshops.  For those who have already attended a Louise Hay workshop you will recognise the Jai Josefs song "I Love Myself the Way I Am" and enjoy "I Release the Past" also written by Jai, both performed by Mal Pope.

This CD is for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life, support themselves through the process or take their affirmations to a new level.