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Health and Healing Affirmation SMS Programme

Direct to your Cell Phone!

Start challenging the emotional blocks and negative pattens that may undermine your health, feel more positive and energized and supercharge your bodies healing

Your health and healing affirmations have been specifically designed to help reprogram your thinking, replacing old negative beliefs and patterns with new more nourishing and supportive ones. You will start to find yourself feeling lighter and happier, and as you release your emotional blocks and feel more positive, you will start to feel healthier and fitter... because you will be!

health and healing affirmations

This exciting and unique product uses cell phone technology to allow us to reach out to you wherever you are and support you through your health and healing programme.

These carefully selected affirmations are designed to assist you in releasing emotional issues and start feeling better about yourself and life. By healing any dis-ease you hold in your mind you can start healing your body and your health. The messages you will receive will not only be challenging but also nourishing and supportive.

only $14.99 (USD) for 3 months


Our Health Affirmation - 3 months service requires that you have a cell phone. The messages you will receive are selected especially for you from a pool of powerful affirmations specifically designed to help you start the process of self healing and enhanced health. This program has been constructed with the assistance of an experienced cognitive behavioural therapist and if you follow it carefully it will support and enhance your health programme.

Typically you will receive about 3 messages a week for a period of 3 months.