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Affirmations Power Breakthrough SMS Programme

Direct to your Cell Phone!

Get Ready for change because here it comes! Our most powerful set ever of messages carefully designed to make it happen for YOU!

For a period of 3 months you will receive regular texts that will provide you with carefully selected, powerful messages to ensure that you remain focussed on your chosen goals and supported through the process of change.

Your messages will include the following..

  • super-charged positive affirmations
  • directed and challenging questions
  • regular self challenges
  • progress checks

This services has been carefully designed to breakthrough internal resistance. You can be sure that even if you find your determination or focus waning, these power texts will keep you on track, calling you back to action, reminding you why you have chosen to start making your changes. Do not mistake this for our other trial or fun packages; this is designed for those who are ready to commit change and want to get started now.

affirmations for breaking through resistance

Powerful positive affirmations, directed questions and personal challenges are sent direct to your cell phone and are designed to keep you thinking positively, engaged with the process and guiding you to carry out exercises and examine questions that will challenge you and assist you to overcome negative beliefs and attitudes that may have been sabotaging you in the past. It really works... give it a try!

only $14.99 (USD) for 3 months


Our Positive Affirmation power texts require that you have a cell phone. The messages you will receive are carefully selected to reflect the usual patterns of resistance experienced by most people when they start doing affirmations. Your initial messages will be more directed to overcoming initial resistance and releasing any negative blocks. This program has been constructed with the assistance of an experienced cognitive behavioural therapist and if you follow it, it really will help you in your process of change.

As you progress the affirmations and messages will become more powerful and you will start to feel your self-esteem soar!

Typically you will receive about 3 messages a week of which at least one will be a powerful affirmation which you can then work with until you receive your next affirmation. Other messages will provide useful hints and ideas, or suggest a useful exercises to try. You will also be asked what are known as "directed questions". These questions will challenge you and require you to go through a process of honest self-analysis. The answers may amaze you. Its like having your own personal therapist!