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Positive Affirmation Power Taster Programme

Direct to your Cell Phone!

If you want to change something in your life, or are facing a personal challenge, or just want to see how affirmations work for you, why not try our "Affirmations - Taster"

For a period of one month you will receive regular positive affirmations by text. Both the actual affirmation and the precise time it will be sent to you are selected randomly. Its amazing how the perfect affirmation seems to arrive at the perfect moment!

So trust in the universe to bring you your perfect messages. It will keep you feeling good and thinking about all aspects of your life!

Let the perfect affirmation come to you at the perfect time! Your affirmations are selected randomly by the universe and sent direct to your cell phone at a random time! Designed to to keep you thinking, keep you positive, and keep you fully engaged with your process of change. It's fun and it really works... give it a try!

only $14.99 (USD) for 3 months



Our Affirmation - Universal service requires that you have a cell phone. The messages you will receive are randomly selected especially for you from a massive pool of powerful affirmations covering a broad spectrum of subjects. This program has been constructed with the assistance of an experienced cognitive behavioural therapist and if you follow it, it really will help you in your process of change.

Typically you will receive about 3 messages a week for a period of 3 months.