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Why Affirmations by Text?

Using Text Messaging is a new exciting way to enhance your experience with affirmations and super-charge the effectiveness of the changes you are making in your life. How many times have you attempted to make changes before… even knowing what the “right” thing is for you? But somehow life or events have distracted you from your path… Our new affirmations text service is specifically designed to help you through the process of change

Keeping you connected to your process of change

You are inspired and you can see your path, it is a wonderful and often cathartic feeling to finally see a way forward to your better life. But as time passes, your connection to that inspiration can start to fade as life elbows its way in. Our affirmation service helps keep that inspirational connection going, keeping you connected to your process and letting you know that you are not alone.

Maintaining your focus

It is a fundamental law of the universe that what we focus on grows. This service keeps you focussed on the positive changes you have chosen to make in your life. And just as your focus starts to slip, one of our test messages will arrive, calling you back to action and refocusing your mind again.

Exploring your emotions.

The affirmations you will receive, cover a broad spectrum. By repeating them, you can explore your emotional responses to a wide range of subjects, helping you keep in tune with your emotional needs and issues.

Getting inspired

Your affirmations have been designed by a leading Louise Hay Teacher. They can be a great source of inspiration but also a great guide for developing your own affirmations!

Treating Yourself.

By going for it, you are treating yourself to a little gift. The great thing about this gift to yourself is… it works and you deserve it!

Committing to change

Our service is very low cost, but it does demand a small commitment by you. By committing to the service, you are also reinforcing your commitment to your process of change. If you are familiar with the works of Louise Hay and others, you will know the importance of making such small but reinforcing commitments.

It’s Fun!

There really is something fun about receiving your affirmation texts, you don’t know what affirmation the universe will bring you or when exactly it will arrive!

Affirmation Power - Taster

We send powerful affirmations direct to your mobile. You will receive one every 2-3 days for a month. We let the 'universe' determine which affirmation to select for you and when exactly you will receive it. It really is a lot of fun and extremely effective. Just click on the link below to get more details...